Local St. Louis-based web design expert Gabriel Serafini will teach you how to build web pages from the ground up.  Gabriel has built web sites since 1996 and will teach you everything from the basic fundamentals to the latest Web 2.0 AJAX techniques.

Classes are taught on Saturdays and Sundays and are limited to 6 students in each group session.  Availability is first come, first serve.  You are encouraged to bring your computer, a sketchbook and your ideas and questions.

To reserve your place or learn more, call (314) 477-4529 or email gserafini@gmail.com.

Cost: $80 per person (each session lasts approximately 2 hours.)  
          15% discount for multiple sessions.

In addition to group classes, individual instruction is available for $60/hour.

All ages and ability levels are welcome.